Varun Bajaj

Varun Bajaj is an Attorney at Law, Real Estate Broker and is the director of a +30 million investment portfolio for a privately held family company. As an early participant in cryptocurrency, he’s been teaching and educating others about the intersection of cryptocurrency and real estate, and why it’s so crucial to understand as an investor. Varun is passionate about empowering people through the real world adoption of blockchain technology. What excites him the most is seeing the positive impact decentralized distributed ledgers will have on the developing world. A world plagued with corruption leaving citizens helpless to improve their socio-economic standing in life. He is also an arduous proponent of creating a truly borderless world by allowing real estate to become much more liquid and transparent.

He is a graduate of the University of Miami School of Law and is a member of the State Bar of California. His articles have been published on various cryptocurrency publications throughout the web, including Coin intelligence and

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Matthew Schellhas
Sales Associate

Matt is a licensed real estate professional whose been involved in the cryptocurrency industry since 2016. In addition to real estate, Matt has 20+ years experience trading securities & derivatives in global financial markets. He currently designs algorithmic fintech for System9. 

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