7 reasons you should buy this Island Property with Cryptocurrency

7 Reasons You Should Buy This Island Property With Cryptocurrency

Want to own a little piece of paradise and a great investment property all in one? We’ve got the one you’ve been waiting for — and it’s easier than you think.

If you are looking for an IRL place to park your cryptocurrency profits, look no further. For the equivalent of 650k USD in crypto, Enchanted Cove Resort, located in stunning Bucas Grande, Philippines, is available for purchase, offering you an unparalleled international real estate investment opportunity and the chance to live the lifestyle of your dreams. Here are the top seven reasons you should buy this island property with cryptocurrency right now.

1. We welcome your cryptocurrency purchase.

Cryptocurrency has been a great investment vehicle for many, with one drawback: the lack of adoption in the wider financial market. This has left many people cash-poor and crypto-rich, looking for ways to put that virtual money to work.  By purchasing this island property with cryptocurrency, you are able to translate your profits into a real world, tangible resource — one that, with the right management, will only grow in value.

Buy island property with Bitcoin
Buy island property with Bitcoin

2. It has massive potential.

Ecotourism is the fastest growing sector of the hospitality industry, and the Enchanted Cove Resort offers you a turnkey operation with a waterfront restaurant and bar, dormitory-style accommodations, and on-site amenities and activities. Expand, renovate, market, or operate as-is: the possibilities are endless.

3. It’s gorgeous.

Aside from the dollars and cents appeal of this property, there is the exceptional beauty of its isolated location in an enchanting (or enchanted?) lagoon. Imagine waking up every day in paradise and knowing it all belongs to you.

Philippines Island Property
Philippines Island Property available for 650k USD worth of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

4. Cryptocurrency offers increased transaction security.

One of the drawbacks to individual investment in international real estate has been the lack of a mechanism for secure transactions. Unless you had a network of advisors, you were often unable to participate and profit from investment opportunities overseas. Because cryptocurrency helps you bypass some of these barriers to entry, you’ll experience increased transaction security and more opportunity to participate from anywhere in the world.

View from Inside the Property

5. Looking for Internet? You are out of Luck.

Want to get off the grid and unplug from technology?  Look no further.  This resort does not have internet access anywhere on the property.  Take the time to relax, unwind and recharge from the day to day stress that life brings.  If you feel like plugging back to reality, internet is a short boat ride away.

Island Sunset Bitcoin
Island Sunset View

6. Your portfolio needs diversification.

Love crypto? So do we, but you need more. In order to create a hedge and to build long-term wealth, it’s important to hold a diversified portfolio with a variety of asset types. In addition, in an increasingly global marketplace, you need investments in a variety of markets around the world. Enchanted Cove Resort offers both.

Aerial Footage of Property

7. I mean, come on. It’s gorgeous.

You’re still thinking about that clear blue water, aren’t you? Snorkeling, hidden beaches, spelunking, hiking, then a cocktail at the waterfront bar as the sun goes down — it’s the stuff dreams are made of. For the equivalent of 650k USD, your dreams can become a reality. Let’s get started making your dreams come true. If you are interested in purchasing this island property with cryptocurrency, contact Varun Bajaj or Piper Moretti today. 

(Video courtesy of Ben Jumper) 

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